Abortion: Pro Life And Pro-Choice

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Abortion Pro-life and Pro-choice There are a lot of people that are against abortion. Some believe there are very few reasons that condone abortion. Most pro-life people though believe that abortion takes away lives that are not ours to take. Pro-choice activists on the other hand believe women should have the choice whether to carry the child or not. The pain-capable unborn child protection act enacted in 2010-2011 prevents abortion after 20 weeks.After and some even say before this a fetus can feel pain said to be greater than what we can feel. this act is only enacted in five states being Nebraska, Kansas, Idaho, Oklahoma, and Alabama. There is only one exception to the pain-capable unborn child protection act, that exception…show more content…
pro-life activists do not like this fact. If D.C does not enact the pain-capable unborn child protection act they will get in trouble with the federal government. Pro-life activists do protests at abortion clinics. Sometimes the what are supposed to be “peaceful” protests get out of hand. On the other hand people that are pro-choice or that support abortion believe it’s your choice whether you terminate your pregnancy or not. Some people are neither pro-life or pro-choice. These people believe there are some exceptions to not wanting to allow abortions. Some of these reasons are health issues, if the child is not developing properly, or if the child was conceived by rape. some pro-life people agree with a few of these reasons. Some people that are pro-life do not agree with the fact that rape should be an option if the child was conceived by rape. They believe the mother should carry the child to term, and if she doesn’t want to keep the child just put it up for adoption. pro-choice people don’t agree with this. Pro-life believe that it’s not fair because once that child finds out he/she will wonder why the mother didn’t want them, or the mother if she decides to keep the baby there’s chances that the child could be abused or neglected because of the circumstances under which the child was conceived. Pro-life still believe adoption is a better idea under those circumstances. Who knows what big things that child could do in the future and you’re taking away the chance for them to become
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