Abortion Pro-Life Debate

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Disclaimer: This paper will not discuss the argument of whether abortion should be legal or not. The pro-choice/pro-life debate is multi-faceted and I believe where you stand has a lot to do with your core fundamental beliefs. According to Dr. Jesudason, a nephrologist at the Royal Adelaide hospital, “abortion is arguably one of the most polarizing issues in American politics today” (Jesudason 1). I will however, be discussing the importance of accessible and affordable family planning and the impact it can have on a country and a woman’s life. Naturally, abortion is one aspect of Family Planning so it will be discussed in regards to my argument. I neither endorse nor condone abortion. Introduction Since the day it was founded Planned Parenthood has been under attack. Recently, legislators have requested a massive audit of the organization, and others have demanded the total defunding of the organization. The history of Family Planning has been a long hard struggle, but ultimately it is valuable to the human rights of American people. The fact that Planned Parenthood provides abortion as a minor part of their services should not cause legislators to make it any less accessible. Planned Parenthood is valuable and funding should continue…show more content…
Some were interested in it for eugenics; some thought FP could promote social progress by playing a role in the emancipation of women; others believed it would reduce mother and child mortality; while yet others thought it would benefit the individual, the family, and the nation. At the Seventh Annual birth Control Conference in 1930, it was decided that FP was an essential part of public health and an aspect of preventative medicine that should be given due consideration; that the knowledge on contraception was the best way of fighting abortion; and that instructions in technique of birth control should be part of all medical curricula (Claeys
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