Abortion Regulations

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Abortion Regulations In today’s society a woman’s private choice has never been so public. In the United States, abortion was illegal for most of the 20th century; however, in the 1960s, when the women’s rights movement began to grow, abortion was argued, by feminists, as a women’s control of her body (“Abortion.”). Whose choice is it now? Is it the governments’, the politician’s, the president’s? No, it is a woman’s choice to receive an abortion. Pro-life activists have been succeeding in the termination of the access to an abortion, however; pro-life activists do not realize the dangers behind the termination of the accessibility to an abortion. Making rigid regulations blocks a woman’s rights, if more regulations are put into place women…show more content…
In the article “Abortion: No More Apologies”, author Katha Pollitt uses examples of sexism toward abortion regulations. The article states, “If you are injured or die or are trapped by the police, you’ll only have yourself to blame, because the real reason you are here on Earth is to produce children, and you shirk that duty at your peril” (“Abortion: No More Apologies” 13). In the 1960s, feminists argued that abortion should be a woman’s choice. Abortion, under a constitutional right, is protected under privacy. If more regulations on abortion are put into place, women will start to seek unsafe and dangerous procedures. An HBO show host of “Real Time with Bill Maher”, Bill Maher says that a Texas Legislator has made abortion difficult to receive. Only 8 abortion clinics are open in Texas, and regulations for the clinics are ridiculous. Clinics must now have admitting privileges and ambulatory services; however, if you live somewhere in the West Texas area the nearest area to receive an abortion is 545 miles away (“Real Time with Bill Maher”). Women have already turned to abortion pills because of regulations on abortion. There are now at home remedies and pills, such as the Plan B One-Step pill, that women may turn to. In the article “Pennsylvania Woman Arrested for Ordering Daughter Abortion-Inducing Pills Online”, Jennifer Whalen a mother of a 16 year old ordered her daughter abortion inducing pills. The article states,…show more content…
Abortion rights supports say that a woman’s access to abortion may improve her life. The article “To what extent should women be allowed access to abortion in the United States?", states “The most important benefit [of Roe]," states the website of Planned Parenthood, which provides reproductive and other health care services, including abortions, "has been the end of an era that supported the proliferation of 'back alley butchers ' who were motivated by money alone and performed unsafe, medically incompetent abortions that left many women dead or injured" (“Abortion”). With access to abortion, women are not limited to what they may accomplish, and are not forced to raise a child they are not ready for. Abortion rights have lessened the health risk of a black market abortions for women. Women who are made pregnant after being raped and are made to keep the child, face challenging consequences and difficulties. Mary Meehan, author of “Rape & Abortion: A Double Injustice” says that in some cases it is impossible to for some women to avoid another injustice when a child is conceived out of rape. The article “Rape & Abortion: A Double Injustice” states, “It is unjust that a woman must carry to term a child conceived through rape” (Meehan 31). A woman should not be forced to carry a baby if she has been raped. She would look at the child and see her rapists, and
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