Abortion Right's Controversy In Minors

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There are so many teen girls out there that are trying to use the easy way out when it comes to them laying down and getting pregnant. To be honest, they think that abortion is the cure. Abortion is the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy, most often performed during the first 28 weeks of pregnancy. An object or undertaking regarded by the speaker as unpleasant or badly made or carried out (Ballaro & Wagner, 2015). Minors are always thinking that they have the rights to do whatever they want to do without and parent supervision. Minors should have parental permission to have an abortion. In 1960’s abortion was not concerned illegal also it was something that one simply did not discuss. In the book the Abortion Right’s Controversy in…show more content…
These day some minors depending upon their age, contend to delays occur because they are paralyze by fear of parental reaction, or teens deliberately wait until their eighteenth birthdays, which marks the age of consent for an abortion, according to most state. Sometime minors can go so far as saying they are rape, incest, trapped in abusive homed, struggling to survive as runaways and they are unwilling or unable to communicate with their parents for compelling (Ballaro & Wagner, 2015). Trying to find a way to abort just because they don’t want to deal with life. Most case minors that are intimidated to approach their own parents, critics argue, are highly unlikely to have the resources to petition a judge (Ballaro & Wagner, 2015). These same girls, they suggest, are also more likely to place their lives and health at risk by attempting self-induced abortion. Most minor that come through with the abortion they seem to have long terms side effect such as: depression, frequent weeping, feelings of guilt and loss of self-esteem, inability to communicate, suicidal thoughts, impaired efficiency in all walks of life, recourse to alcohol and drugs, loss of normal sexual vitality and desire. Strong emotions of grief, sadness, inappropriate emotional responsiveness, shame, anger and alienation are…show more content…
The abortion experience creates much confusion in these traditional male characteristics. Quite often the abortion undermines each of the man’s roles, generating anxiety, stress and emotional turmoil. In a society where the active role of the father is not only accepted but increasingly expected, it is ironic that men are left powerless to determine their offspring’s fate. The psychological effects produced by the abortion are closely related to, and often determined by, the diminished traditional male roles spoken of earlier. Men are not only supposed to protect their loved ones but support them emotionally as well. Many times men sacrifice and suppress their own opinions and emotions. In some case where an unmarried couple found that they were expecting a child, the woman convinced the man that the most convenient solution would be an abortion. Some father do go through changes even if he is not older enough to invoice his options or the family of the girl don’t wanted the father to say anything. Closing him out of the girl and the baby life for good whether abort or

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