Abortion Vs Abortion

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Abortion remains one of the most controversial topics in politics and culture in the United States. The government, religious groups, women and men, cannot reach an agreement or negotiation on what should be done. The argument being; can the state, religious entities, and citizens have the right to override a woman’s autonomy, and does her right to abort override a potential life’s’ right to life? These two standpoints can be mind spinning, and that is why this paper will argue having two dichotomous standpoints is causing further conflict, with no future agreement in sight. How can the “pro-life” and “pro-choice” debate deepen their understanding of abortion, value the complexity of the issue, and reach a conclusion that will benefit both women and potential babies?
Researchers Background
I am writing this paper as a Gender and Peacebuilding student, with a background in reproductive health. My standpoint is pro-choice, and I believe comprehensive sexual education in school is absolutely necessary in the reduction of unwanted pregnancy and for the reduction of abortions.

The two abortion standpoints have been conflicting ever since the 1880’s when abortion became illegal until 1973 when abortion was legal again and continues until this day (OBOS Abortion Contributors, 2014). Two standpoints were born around this debate the pro-life movement that argues every potential life has the right to live, while the pro-choice movement argues that it is
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