Abous By Eudora Welty: A Summary

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By himself the lone-dweller waits for the Measurer’s mercy. To do so he must travel through ocean’s way. Then the earth-stepper took over the story, a man filled with slaughter of the wrathful, crumbling of kinsmen. There is now no one living whom he dare to articulate him mind’s understanding. He reference this behavior as a noble custom. Not all people can hold their thoughts in, those with a weary mind will get cracked if they do so. But people eager for glory will have to close their sorrowing mind in breast-coffer. Homeland will not allow them to stay. He buried his gold-friend long time ago. In a cold winter. He seeks for a dispenser of treasure, and a lord that can offer him a friend of his kind. Experience people like him treat sorrow as his friend. As a result his spirit was frozen. He remembers hall-retains and treasure-taking from the old days. But now all the joy is gone. Sleep and sorrow usually constrain the miserable loner. He dreams…show more content…
Before a warrior make any decision he should always wait. Contemplate is required for all the wise man to imagine how ghostly the world will be when war destroy everything. Ruler’s army perished. Some warriors died of war, some a bird bore away, some become gray wolf’s meal, another a teary-cheeked warrior hid in an earthen cave. The Shaper of Man destroy the world. Now the warrior is aged in spirit. He remembers the past and wonders about his horse, his man, the giver of treasure, seats at the forest, and all those joys of the hall. Time passes too quickly that the past seems like never happened. Darkness comes when the clash of winter arrive. The hail stands in the winter with the hatred of

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