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About a boy - A film analysis of about a boy - The film About a boy (2002) is based on a novel which was wrote in 1998 by Nick Hornby with the same title. The directors of the film are Chris Weitz and Paul Weitz have included several famous actors, such as Hugh Grant (who play Will) and Nicholas Hoult (who plays Marcus) and Rachel Weiz. The film is a comedy. In this analysis, I will look after key elements in the film, such as setting, plot, theme, symbols, characters and the cinematographic tools. The most important question in my analysis, which is: what is the main idea behind this film? The film takes us to London where we meet Will Freeman (Hugh Grant) who is a middle-aged rich man who has never taken an honest stroke in his life, and who is afraid of having a binding relationship. He spends most of his spare time to watch TV, and read about pop music and wandering through the everyday with nothing else in his mind than spending the upcoming night with a beautiful woman. The last stunt he does is, when he about having a two-year-old son to get into a club for single parents. There he meets mothers and potential partners. However, when he meets the young, bullied Marcus Brewer…show more content…
All the fancy equipment in Will’s apartment represents the luxury life he lives. When he starts buying fancy equipment to Marcus as well, this could symbolize a new start for Marcus. The Christmas party hosted by Marcus and his mum, Fiona, represents a new start for Will. He finds himself surrounded by many people for once. There are some symbols for death as well. The most obvious one is of course Fiona’s suicide attempt. The dead duck floating in the pond could also represent death, and it is no coincidence that the directors have included Fiona in the dead duck scene. The poem by John Donne (“No man is an island”) is also included in the film for a reason. The poem could symbolize the deeper message of the film in general: you are not
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