Abraham Karem's Impact On Society

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Abraham Karem, the inventor of the predator drone, was not the first to think of a drone, but by far created one of the most useful. The idea of a drone started during World War I when they tried to build some sort of drone, but didn’t find much. Later, during World War II the idea of a drone was brought up again for flying bombs or aerial torpedoes that could be controlled, but again the product was not of much significance. It was not until 1995 when Abraham Karem invented the predator drone was there a flexible and aerial vehicle while unmanned. The predator drone was designed by Abraham Karem, but was said to have just tried to design a robot that can stay in the air. Abraham Karem created the predator drone, used striving for accuracy…show more content…
“Though UAVs had been used in times of war since World War II, they were revolutionized in 1995 by Karem.”(Air and Space Smithsonian). The modern drones are a new weapon with them being dangerous, fast, and sturdy while unmanned and easy to control. With the drones also having surveillance in infrared and being aerial it makes them great units to spot enemies.”Efforts to act on that intelligence were frustrated by the complexities of launching a raid and by concerns about risks to U.S. troops and civilians. In exasperation, national security officials began asking: Why can’t we put a missile on a drone.”-an idea after a bombing from Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan in 2000(Air and Space Smithsonian). The quote before shows the creation of the idea for the armed predator drone. Finally, the drone helped in use for spotting enemies and was armed for spotting enemies, bombings, and dangerous…show more content…
Karem’s work made a new nearly undefeatable weapon force that is expendable and powerful. “Before the predator drone, the U.S. had experimented with aerial torpedoes or flying bombs as far back as World War I with no great success.”(Air and Space Smithsonian) The new idea for drones was great for the fewer lives would be lost in the wars and less resources. “In the Vietnam War jet-propelled, camera-equipped drones were built by Teledyne Ryan and were launched and controlled from from the U.S. C-130s air force.”(Air and Space Smithsonian) After the first predator drone the weapon industry in drones was constantly expanding because new types of drones and better equipment were designed to make them bigger, faster, and stronger. At last, over much research and development an efficient and powerful weapon was

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