Abraham Lincoln A Bad Leader Analysis

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In this world today there were and are many very good leaders, but for every good leader there was a bad leader. Three of the best leaders in this world were Martin Luther King Jr., Adolf Hitler, and Abraham Lincoln. However where there is good there is always a bad. A bad leader in this nation would be Richard Nixon. Abraham Lincoln was man of many words. He never had it easy, from campaigning for presidency, to actually being president. According to Machiavelli, (2000) Lincoln would qualify as a good leader because he had the following traits; he was firm and he fought for all. Abraham Lincoln never had it easy he always faced and worked hard overcome adversity. From compainging to actually gaining the presidency. Abraham Lincoln was key on ending…show more content…
He was because he was feared by many people, but also loved by many people. According to Machiavelli, (2000) A good leader is one who is feared and loved at the same time. Hitler was a bad leader because he rushed into things without completely thinking them through. Hitler was a good leader because he ran his country the way he wanted to. Hitler was a powerful speaker. He told the people what they wanted to hear. Hitler planned organized the execution of thousands of jews, homosexuals, and Gypsies. Everything that went wrong he blamed on the Jews. They feared Hitler because he threatened to potentially wipe out and entire group of people. Hitler started the Nazi Party. The Nazis would segregate the Jews into neighborhoods called ghettos, where they would eventually be taken to work camps, where most were not expected to make it out alive. Hitler was responsible for the deaths of about 2.4 million Jews. There are many reasons Hitler can be considered a good leader, there are also many reasons he could be considered a bad leader. He could be considered a bad leader because he took control by mass murdering a specific group of
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