Abraham Lincoln: A Undeniable Figure In History

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Abraham Lincoln is known as a mythical figure in history because he saved the Union and abolished slavery causing him to best president people in my opinion. People have said his "Gettysburg Address" and "Second Inaugural Address" signify Americans rebirth as a political and moral country, which was needed during the time of slavery. Lincolns image is seen as a historical figure to many people including myself. Lincoln 's efforts has caused Americans to be seen as a whole instead of segregated, which has been passed down to my generation and I can see the efforts Lincoln made. Lincoln ended slavery nationwide in 1863. President Lincoln had issued the emancipation proclamation declaring "all persons healed as a slave within any state, the people where of shall be in rebellion against the U.S., shall be then , thence forward and forever free." He countermands a general 's order to free slaves of owners resisting the U.S. and he ensured the passage of the 13th amendment…show more content…
He was the commander-in-chief of the american military. Abe risked his life in a battle while fulfilling his duty, which in my opinion was an admirable position as a president. He came under confederate fire, not many presidents would risk their lives. Lincoln was the second to do so and he led the union to victory while ending slavery. Lincoln took a huge risk to accomplish this freedom to end slavery. The rebirth of our country was a success with Lincoln. His most famous speech the Gettysburg address, signaled the end of war between north and south, a new rebirth of freedom. He painted the war and honored the dead. Lincolns Second Inaugural address spoke of mutual forgiveness between north and south. It spoke of sadness not happiness, about the sacrifices made to end slavery. His address provided a map for our nations journey in the centuries ahead and the future every race was entitled to have as an
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