Abraham Lincoln And Civil War America Summary

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Abraham Lincoln and Civil War America is a biography that tells the life and success of Abraham Lincoln. At the beginning it talks about his life and how rough he grew up. As Lincoln grew up he wanted to learn to read and write because he was ashamed that his father couldn 't. Lincoln learning to read and write was a key factor to help him win the election and become as successful as he was. Even as a young child Lincoln claims to naturally be anti-salvory ( page 281). This is important to his stand point during the war. The book is broken down into thirds. The first third of the book talks in depth and detail about his early life. The second third of the book goes into the presidency stage, elections, office, and the obstacles headed his way. The last part of the book talks about the war and the choices Lincoln had to make.

As an overall book it was really descriptive and informative. The author made this biography so that when you read it you read it you go "really I never knew that" or "I thought this happened because of this reason not because of that". For example on page 14 it talks about how when Thomas (Abraham 's father) was trying to relocate the family from Kentucky he claimed to have bought five other farms but were taken away because he never paid for them. That 's how they ended up in Indiana because he had the money to pay for a little house in the woods. This did actually surprise me because I thought that Abraham grew up in his home cabin with his mom and dad in Kentucky. Really he lived in Indiana with his dad
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I would recommend this book to someone who is into history and Abraham Lincoln. Growing up I used to think Abraham Lincoln was cool and inspiring. This book has helped me realize who Lincoln was. This book is really good at going into details from every aspect of Lincoln 's life. This book starts from the very beginning to the the very end of Lincoln. This book would be for you if you are into a very descriptive
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