Abraham Lincoln Assassination Analysis

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As Booth began his bold escape, the fate of Abraham Lincoln was unknown. According to “Abraham,” Charles Leale heard the pistol fire and Mary’s scream, so the twenty-three year old doctor sprinted towards the wounded President . When Leale reached Lincoln, the young doctor saw the physical condition of the President. “He found the president slumped in his chair, paralyzed and struggling to breath” (History.com). “Assassination” states that the doctor reacted quickly by ripping the President’s shirt open for a physical examination, but Leale could not find the bullet wound. With that diagnosis, the focus shifted from saving the President to moving him out of Ford’s Theater (2009). “Abraham” states that Lincoln was transported to a home across the street and placed in a bed. Lincoln’s Vice President, Cabinet, and friends assembled in the house. When the Surgeon General arrived at the home, he said that Lincoln would not survive the night. Now, all of those who had come to see the President could only wait for his death. The moment of…show more content…
“John” notes that Booth’s family was a renowned acting dynasty at the time of the Civil War. Booth himself was an ardent supporter of slavery with a burning hatred for Abraham Lincoln (Britannica.com). “Assassination,” suggests that Booth’s hatred of Lincoln may have been caused in part Lincoln’s undemocratic practices. The President deemed censorship of speeches and newspapers necessary during the Civil War. Additionally, the President was able to suspend any writ of habeas corpus, which prevented trials from taking place (2009). Booth himself wrote about Lincoln in a negative manner. “Our country owed all her troubles to him, and God simply made me the instrument of his punishment” (Booth, April 13-14, 1865). This quote proves that Booth saw the assassination of Lincoln as both patriotic and
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