Abraham Lincoln Brigade's Message In The Film, The Good Fight

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In “The Good Fight” film it shows The Abraham Lincoln Brigade who were American volunteers who fought alongside with the Spanish Republicans during the Spanish Civil War. Throughout, the movie it talks about the Abraham Lincoln Brigade motivations and action to help stop fascism. As well as, their feelings about the soviet support for the Republicans. In addition, the movies brings emotional experience for the viewers. The Abraham Lincoln Brigade were people from the left-wing political party members such as communist, socialist, and anarchist. In addition, they were ordinary US citizens, nurses, technicians, women, men, Blacks and Whites. They fought besides 52 countries who wanted to stop the spread of fascism, which is a right-wing political party. When Spain was became a republic, right-wing party wanted it to go back to its old way. Thus, military in Spain tried to overthrow Spain Republic, because it was seen as a threat to right-wing’s government power. Therefore, Veterans bring up the idea in the film that if Fascist can attack Spain who were becoming demarcated, who is to say they would not attack America, a government that is based on democracy? This helped motivated many Americans to volunteer in fighting in the Spanish…show more content…
These where ordinary American citizens who had different background such as gender, political parties, and careers. What brought them together was fascism whom threaten their ideologies. Therefore, they wanted to end fascism, by helping Spanish Republicans. In addition, Spanish Civil War cause these American soldiers to favor the Soviet Union, because they were only one to believe in their cause. Lastly, this movie not only purpose was to show historical events, but to gives the viewer the feeling of never let someone destroy something that you believe
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