Abraham Lincoln Contributions To America

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Remember In any event, when someone says America, what do you think of immediately? Do you think of the wars we have fought in, the sacrifices we have gone through, the times in history when we succeeded or failed, or the amazing work that our past and present presidents have accomplished for this country and society? Often times we forget the important parts of our history that make Americans so different from the rest of the world. I believe that my responsibility to America is to remind everyone who may have forgotten the sacrifices and hard work that we have given to create such a strong country. From the start, the Pilgrims who first came to America, showed great ambition, spirit, and devotion. Although times continued rough and difficult they pushed forward. These great values carried on through the…show more content…
Abraham Lincoln stands as a figure that I admire and as one of my role models. After learning about the amazing way he led the country, he has gained much respect for me. Likewise, I have also learned about General Ulysses S. Grant, who also became president later on. He possesses great qualities such as critical thinking and acting as a leader. Correspondingly, with his skills and the help of the soldiers, they reunited America.. Lincoln and Grant act as just a few of the men that have accomplished great things in American history. According to, an official United States Veteran’s website, America contains 21.8 million veterans. The statistics correspond with the year of 2014 so I persist that the number has grown since. American Citizens have so much pride in their country that they endure willing to go out and serve, even if it means putting their life in danger. Moreover, I hold much respect for our veterans and soldiers who have served or continue to serve
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