Abraham Lincoln Hofstadter Analysis

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Abraham Lincoln was one of America’s greatest presidents .Knowed to the world as the “Great emancipator”, Abraham Lincoln left a legacy behind. As the 16th president Lincoln managed to save the nation, he took the first step towards abolishing slavery, allowed blacks to join the military, gave his world famous Gettysburg speech, and many more. To many people Abraham Lincoln was a hero, to others he was a man with a questionable motive. Through the eyes of Hofstader, Abraham Lincoln was a man who was inconsistent with his beliefs not only as a president but a politician as well. In the first few paragraphs, Hofstadter illustrates Lincoln as being a self made politician that used his “unfortunate upbringings” to further advance his political career. Hofstadter goes on to describe how Lincoln is inconsistent with his beliefs on slavery based on his House Divided speech. He describes how Lincoln was a different person when he gave his speech in Chiacago to when he gave his speech in Charleston. He even goes on to say that Lincoln used…show more content…
It was given after the Civil War almost as a way to retsore the nation. In the speech Abraham starts off by saying “ Four score and seven years ago” which is significant because that was when the Declaration of Independence was signed and when the colonies gained their freedom fromGreat Britain. He then goes on to say that the founding fathers bulit the nation on liberty and equality for all men, but years later they are fighting to see if its true. He uses atlleration to honor the fallen soliders by saying, “The brave men, living and dead, who struggled here, have consecrated it, far above our poor power to add or detract.” To conclude, Abraham Lincoln was a hero to many people but to others he was a man with a questionable motive. To Hofstader he was a man that used his “unfortuante upbringings” as a way to advanced his politcal
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