Abraham Lincoln Movie Reflection Paper

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“Slavery is founded on the selfishness of man’s nature; opposition to it on his love of justice”. This is one famous quote from President Abraham Lincoln during the time when he was striving to end black slavery in America. He was a leader who saw justice and social equity a requisite to attaining harmony and progress in a land torn by civil war. Amidst political chaos, Lincoln was able to deliver what he believed his government was mandated in protecting human rights and equality. The film focused on the last four months of his presidency where we saw the diverse personality in him as a president, politician, husband, and a father.

The story all boils down to ending slavery. This is the public policy issue that Pres. Lincoln endeavored to find resolve under his term, and as soon as possible before the end of the Civil War. Black slavery is traced back to British colonization which has begun on some states particularly on Southern colonies. The importation of slaves, history would tell, is to serve for the demand of African labor force in the
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Lincoln has exemplified, especially in the last few months of his presidency as depicted in the film. He is an epitome of a leader founded on principles and bounded by no self-interests, but only for the welfare and good of his fellow men. I believe that it is a wise decision for him to espouse for the amendment of the constitution because if he will not do so, nobody will ever step up in the frontline to put an end to slavery, once and for all. The blacks will continue to exist nothing but labor forces and house helps in all of America. Even if at that time resistance to change was so stubbornly imbedded in the minds of most of the whites, Lincoln’s move was, to me, not only a heroic gesture but an act of bravery and pure value to humanity. This is his living legacy to the American people where justness and equality co-exist in a peaceful
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