Abraham Lincoln Persuasive Essay

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Abraham Lincoln once said, “Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves.”. The President that fought for the freedom of slaves, this was one of his most known quotes inspired to make people believe that slaves had the right to have freedom like everyone else did. This quote then impacted a lot of people, who then volunteered to fight in war. When Abraham found out his words were, “The more the merrier.” What would the world be like if Abraham Lincoln was not elected president? I believe that the world would be very different. Lincoln was born in February 12,1809 in Hardin County Kentucky. He grew up with three brothers and one sister. When he wasn’t reading, young Abraham would work on his father’s ranch. Abraham didn’t…show more content…
Douglas. He lost the debate but ended up winning when he gained a national reputation. Abraham built the republican party into a strong national organization. In 1862 Lincoln has signed the homestead acts which led to poor people able to obtain land. Not everyone was happy, but it brought happiness to a lot of families. On 1863 he also signed the Emancipation of proclamation that freed all slaves from confederacy. On 1864 Lincoln won the re-election as the military union wanted to end the civil war. Sadly this all ended when Abraham lincoln was assassinated at Ford 's Theatre in Washington by John Wilkes. The whole country grieved the death of President Lincoln, he was buried Oak Ridge Cemetery, located in Springfield, Illinois. Abraham lincoln was a national hero. Abraham Lincoln was opposed to slavery. He thought it was unfair and cruel. Mary Todd grew up with a wealthy family who were slave traders. Mary Todd would talk about it with Abraham. He did not like it. One of his quotes once said,”Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves.” Abraham wanted to limit the expansion of slavery, so he issued the Emancipation of proclamation. Although the proclamation didn’t really free all of the slaves, it only counted in some
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