Abraham Lincoln Persuasive Speech Essay

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Abraham Lincoln made his speech persuasive by using a lot of figurative language like repetition, and by using a lot of pathos styled techniques. One of the ways he made his speech persuasive to people is by using repetition. “We CANNOT” is the main one example that president Abraham Lincoln used. He used this quote to really emphasize the thing we cannot do to make this country great and to make sure all people, no matter the color nor the race, shall always be free. He uses examples like “We cannot dedicate - we cannot consecrate - we cannot hallow this ground.” He uses these choice of words to get out to people that these men in the war of Gettysburg should not have died for no reason. That they died for this country, to help make it free…show more content…
These men died for the freedom and the equal rights of their country.This is what Abraham Lincoln is trying to say. He’s trying to put a memorial in at Gettysburg to honor these young, brave men for their service and for what they did that day at the battle of Gettysburg. “Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.” This quote is referred to by Abraham Lincoln to remember back when our fathers founded this country and made it where all people were equal. He is trying to state that all people, no matter the race were and still should be equal. That we should end slavery and all the racism out there, to have a free and equal country again. In conclusion, Abraham Lincoln delivers a very persuasive speech due to his use of figurative language and utilization of pathos styled techniques. He uses these examples very well in his speech to persuade people to believe him when he says that these men that died in the battle of Gettysburg shouldn’t of died in vain, that they died for a reason, and that reason is that all men, no matter the race or religion, should be treated
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