Abraham Lincoln: Smartest President In America

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Abraham Lincoln, today is known as one of the greatest, smartest President in America. Lincoln was a hard working man who struggled for a living and learning. When he became involved in local politics, he won the election to Illinois state legislature in 1834. Lincoln was a self taught lawyer and legislator who was against slavery. He wanted to end slavery and many people were shocked when he won for president in 1860. As president he built the republican party into a strong national organization. The civil war began a month later after his election, his Emancipation Proclamation freed all the slaves. Lincoln never let the world forget that the civil war involved even bigger problems. He hoped that this world would have a new born of freedom and peace. Abraham Lincoln definitely changed our world, and our world in politics. Not too many people agreed with his idea that slaves should be free. Abraham Lincoln was assassinated for his beliefs. Because of him; our world today we look upon Abraham Lincoln, and the drastic change our world had after his death and his beliefs. This shows that, many people felt sympathy for…show more content…
He was practicing law at the time and along with several other Republicans and fired upon the Kansas-Nebraska Act. The Kansas-Nebraska Act assumed that it was okay for a man to enslave another man. Lincoln knew that if he outlawed slavery, it would lead to a civil war. Lincoln had other ideas, “instead, he advocated outlawing the spread of slavery to new states. He hoped his plan would preserve the Union and slowly eliminate slavery by confining it to the south, where, he believed it would die slowly” ( Lincoln did not act out violently, instead he tried to convince people to end slavery, by speaking out to them. “Lincoln continued to actively campaign against slavery in Kansas and helped raise money to support the anti-slavery candidate’s.”
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