Abraham Lincoln Strengths And Weaknesses

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Abraham Lincoln-The 16th president Abraham Lincoln is the best President because he is the signer of the Emancipation Proclamation, that freed slaves, and was the commander in chief of the civil War.(“bio.com”) “Abraham Lincoln is regarded as one of America's greatest heroes due to both his incredible impact on the nation and his unique appeal.”(“bio.com”) There are many reasons that Abraham Lincoln is one of the greatest president one is because he emancipated the slaves during the war.(“bio.com”) Another one is that Lincoln had an ability to put up with many difficulties and to move forward even when he was frustrated.(”inc.com.”) Many people admired this about him(inc.com.") Many people liked him because Lincoln is able to know his mistakes and learn from them.(" inc.com.") Another reason is that Abraham Lincoln was able to admit his weaknesses.("inc.com.")…show more content…
Abraham Lincoln Was good at giving speeches, he used words to hurt the people against him.("inc.com.") That was one of the reasons he got elected for president.("inc.com.") Even though many people liked Abraham Lincoln he was often ridiculed by people in his inner circle.("inc.com") Abraham Lincoln risked his life out on the battlefield while fulfilling his job of commander-in-chief of the civil war. (inc.com.") Abraham Lincoln’s goals after he freed the slaves was to protect the civil rights of them.("What Made Abraham Lincoln a Great President?") Lincoln had many achievements when he was at war, one was when he defeated the south and put a stop to slavery.("What Made Abraham Lincoln a Great President?") He also brought the nation back together.(" Abraham lincoln.")and finally he was president when not only America was at war, but when America was at war with itself.("Abraham
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