Abraham Lincoln The Greatest President Analysis

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Presidents are elected to preform and achieve greatness in America; they serve as the commander and chief of armed forces, and they find ways in coming up with agreements regarding trade and aid along with many other things. Being the president is obviously not an easy task. Have you ever thought about who you thought the best presient of the United States of America was? According to a debate in Taking Sides written by Larry Madaras and James SoRelle they presented an argument between Phillip Shaw Paludan and Melvin E. Bradford debating if Abraham Lincoln was America’s Greatest President. Many people agreed and disagreed whether or not President Lincoln was the greatest; however the sides of two professors were part in the Taking Sides issue of yes or no. Paludan argued that Lincoln was the greatest because of the safeguard he provided for the Union; while Bradford thought the opposite saying that Lincoln took advantage of the authority that he had being President. This immense time was important as it took place during the American Civil War fought between the Union and the Confederates from 1861 to 1865 during the years that Lincoln was in his presidency. The Civil War took place regarding the issues of slavery and how slavery was crossing over into the…show more content…
This impact on our country sought out the world’s greatest president was in fact Abraham Lincoln. He accomplished and was successful in many aspects while creating a better life that we all live today. Paludan was correct in arguing that he was the best by what he actually completed. While Bradford argued against why he wasn’t the best, and reasons that the Civil War took place. The war opened many opportunities for generations and future presidents to be voted into office. Abraham Lincoln was the greatest 16th president the United States ever
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