Abraham Lincoln's Argument Against Reconstruction

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Reconstruction, if executed properly, would have eliminated the racial segregation and racial tension we have today. For instance, in the news recently there has been a controversy regarding the Confederate flag. The Confederate flag is said to represent slavery because the Confederates, during the Civil War, used this flag as their battle flag; the Confederates fought to keep slavery. Therefore the Confederate flag DOES in fact represent slavery. The recent shooter of 9 African-American people in a South Carolina Baptist Church, Dylan Roof, sparked this debate of whether the Confederate flag should be removed. Many history professors agree that Abraham Lincoln was racist. Abraham was said to have used the N word in jokes and in speeches. He…show more content…
This type of person that taught this way is called Dunginite, this name derives from the Dunning School; the Dunning School was invented by a handful of conservative history professors back during reconstruction. Dunginites believed that Black suffrage was a sham and that states that relied on Black votes were corrupt. You can imagine how at a young age being taught this can alter that way children view reconstruction. When I was little I believed in Santa, the Toothfairy and Ghosts. The logic of this approach is that if this was taught to all of kids in America then everyone would discriminate Black people nationwide, and unfortunately this was the case in most places. This ignorance, eventually led up to the rise of the Klu Klux Klan, Blackface “comedy” and outrageously racist characterchures of black people in cinema such as: The Birth of a Nation, A Patch of Blue, Mammy, and etc. I think as a nation, we are gradually recovering from the choices made during reconstruction. In conclusion, I think modern day America would not be segregated if during reconstruction, Black people were treated and viewed as
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