Abraham Lincoln's Assassination Justified Analysis

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Abraham Lincoln, our 16th president of the United States, was our 1st president to get assassinated. He attending the play Our American Cousin at Ford's Theatre in Washington, D.C. before he was shot in the back of his head by the well known theatre actor John Wilkes. Even Though, John was from the south and supported them throughout the war that doesn’t justify him shooting and killing Lincoln. This is not justified because, Lincoln was a big factor in the South surrendering and losing the war, which soon engaged the emancipation proclamation which freed all slaves in america. Being born in Maryland John was a huge slave supporter. When General Lee surrendered to the north that ultimately set off John. During Lincoln’s speech two day prior to the south surrendering he announced that slaves would be free. At the time John Wilkes was there and stated “That means nigger citizenship,” he told Lewis Powell, one of his band of conspirators. “Now, by God, I’ll put him through. That is the last speech he will ever make.”This shows how mad and frustrated John was with Lincoln. This also proves how…show more content…
That’s no reason for anyone to die especially if it benefits others in a positive way. John wilkes is in the wrong especially in this scenario. Lincoln did necessarily ever harm or hurt John personally. That’s just one reason why his killing was wrong . Even though, I believe Lincoln’s assassination was unjustified in my opinion he did have some down faults. There on a few reasons on how Lincoln assassination could be justified looking at it from a different perspective. For example Lincoln had what one can call concentration camps for confederate soldiers during war. Soldiers would get usually die in these camps due to harsh conditions. Lincoln also planned to give african americans freedom but also ship them away to area like central and south
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