Abraham Lincoln's Assassination Research Paper

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Abraham Lincoln’s Assassination The sixteenth president, Abraham Lincoln was one of the most popular and most supported United States presidents. He was the one to win the civil war against the Confederates. People loved him for the great achievement. As much as people loved him, he still had people who disliked him. Dislike that soon turned into hatred. Then it turned into a plan and then it turned into his death. After President Abraham Lincoln's death, there was a great chase for the murderers.

This all happened when a rich actor known as John Wilkes Booth, who was also a Confederate sympathiser got an idea to do avenge the south. With the help of some other people like Mary Surratt, who was also a confederate sympathiser he made three plans to kidnap Abraham Lincoln. The first plan was to kidnap Abraham Lincoln after his re-election and taking him to Richmond. The second plan was to kidnap him from his
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They were being tracked by union soldiers but they could not track them down until twelve days after the assassination. They went across the Potomac river and kept on going. After the river they went into Virginia's countryside. They were tracked upto Virginia and then they hid in a farm named Garrett's farm. Union Army soldiers surrounded Garrett's farm. A union soldier named Boston Corbett shot John Wilkes Booth in the neck and killed him in the farm.

During the investigation, many people were found guilty for having a part in the assassination. Mary Surratt, Lewis Powell George Atzerodt and John Herold were found guilty when they confessed that they either planned or had a big part in the assassination. Both of them were hanged in the prison yard of the Old Arsenal Petitionary. Mary Surratt’s son had to testify that he had no clue what was happening and was freed. As you can see Abraham Lincoln did get assassinated but he also got
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