Abraham Lincoln's Contribution To The Civil War

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Shortly before the American civil war came to an end, Abraham Lincoln was elected as the president of the United States for his second term in the year 1860. It was during his second inauguration when he delivered a public speech where he speaks about the civil war and its effects on the future of America. It is worth noting that the whole point of him addressing the nation was to direct his thoughts about the civil war instead of giving a congratulatory speech.
During this time, insurgent agents were aiming at making the war rather than letting the nation

Name 2 survive. Through the analysis of his speech, it is evident that Lincoln was aiming at preserving the union and this made a great contribution to American Civil War. His act of preserving the union was for the sole purpose of strengthening the country and bring it closer through his ideas that were open minded. Through his speech we can point out the cause of the civil war, the people responsible for it, the consequences of the war and also why his inauguration speech is considered important in early history of America.
The actual event was propelled by the victory of the Union which was attained only after a lot of blood was shed and the results were the abolition of slavery. Even though slavery had lasted for a longer period of time, the civil war was also long. The victory was not easily acquired considering that the black supremacists had a different mindset built up on the concept of slavery. Lincoln, during

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