Abraham Lincoln's First Inaugural Address

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The Civil War did reduce a lot of antagonism and made the United States one nation, during the Civil War, many popular people, and battles rose up and became the hope of the people. These events took a huge role into bringing the world peace and freedom. The events caused the Nation to become more equal, more freedom, and protection. Abraham Lincoln’s first Inaugural Address was the most effective feeling to the people. He expressed his opinions to them about how he knew that their peace and personal security was endangered, his statement left people thinking. He explains his thoughts about how dissatisfied, he is about the countrymen and states that he will “Protect, preserve and defend it”. Abraham made all the protection within the laws and should be given to all the states. This gave the people more security and able to protect themselves even more and made the nation safer. This was a huge first step to the reason of how the Civil War ended antagonism and brought the nation together.…show more content…
Famous battles and people were the bravest and most fierce to make the nation as one. Abraham Lincoln is one of the famous people that made a huge change to the United States. Abraham’s Emancipation Proclamation document lead to the 14th amendment, which let slaves have their freedom. Abraham was one of the most famous people to have brought everyone together and to have the freedom that we have now and end slavery so that everyone could not be forced or controlled by anybody and be equal to each other. Were are now a closer nation because of the Emancipation Proclamation and slavery population descended down the
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