Abraham Lincoln's Influence On Government

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The United States of America is composed of redefining events that shape government and politics today. Historical events consciously created a path to the nation we live in, thus establishing equal rights to liberty. However, these rights were not initially believed to be universal, therefore, the president had to lead the country to equality among its citizens. The five most important forces or events that led to the development of the United States before 1865 began with the election of President Abraham Lincoln in November 1860, who was morally opposed to slavery, thus empowering his leadership against division in America. Subsequently, President’s election divided the country and in 1861, the convention formed the Confederate…show more content…
Although Lincoln was elected by the Republican Party, Lincoln wanted to maintain involvement in the union throughout his presidency. In spite of his opponent Stephen Douglas strong follow, he was negated support due to his betraying history and states separated. Leading up to the secession from the union, where the confederate states of America were established by slave state such as Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, South Carolina and Mississippi. However, Lincoln’s incoming was refused by the people due to the legitimacy of secession. In March 4th, 1861, Lincoln was inaugurated, triggering the secession of the Battle of Fort Sumter in South Carolina. Consequently, on April 15, President Lincoln called for 75,000 volunteers to join the Northern army where Robert E. Lee was assigned commander of the Union Army but declines. The eleven states that seceded from the U.S unlike the seven states of he south such as Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Texas, Georgia, and Mississippi. As the civil war begins, various states secede from the Union such as North Carolina, Arkansas, Virginia, and…show more content…
Sherman’s rampage devastated the economy and demised the south. By the fourth year of the civil war, the north began to claim peace. Although George McClellan was nominated, President Lincoln was reelected and the Union was restored with his fifty percent popular vote victory. In January 31, the thirteen amendment is approved in the Constitution, abolishing slavery, then sent to submission to be ratified. By February, Lincoln meets with Alexander Stephen where they hold a peace conference, where there is no resolution. In the final months, Davis’ peace request was quickly rejected by Lincoln at the Hampton Roads conference. The retreating of confederated burned Richmond, preventing Union troops from taking it before Grant. Lincoln tours Richmond, entering the Confederate White House. Eventually, General Lee surrenders the confederate army at the village of Appomatto court House in Virginia. However, this final moments of the war was followed by the attack of President Lincoln in Ford’s theater. by John Wilkes Booth. After his funeral, the Confederates fores surrender and the Nation is once again united as the Civil War ends in May. Conveniently, in December 6th, the thirteen amendment is passed by congress to the constitution, thus abolishing
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