Abraham Lincoln's Insanity

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shattered. Her first true love Abraham Lincoln the President of the United States was shot in the head and later died. She could not deal with the loss of her children and now her husband. The only way she was happened to cope was to continue to attend séances in hope to talk to her dead love ones. Mary begins to become shopaholic and buy excessive things she did not need. Her only living son Robert became very concerned about his mother and thought she was insane. He even testified against her in court stating that she was mentally insane. Mary Lincoln was found guilty for insanity and committed to an insanity home in Georgia. With the help of a lawyer named Myra Bradwell, she was later released. Still, the public never look at her again as the first lady they once knew. She looked upon as an insane lady. Mary Lincoln only son was against her, she lost loved ones that she cared for deeply. In my opinion, Mary Lincoln died from a broken heart.…show more content…
Jefferson was accused of plotting the assignation of Abraham Lincoln. He was arrested for it but later released on bond. His reputation has now been ruined and it was hard for him to find a job. He traveled many times leaving his wife Varina behind. Not having her husband around took a toll on her. When she became knowledgeable of her husband keeping the company of another woman she was devastated. Yet, she remains strong and was there until his death. Varina became an advocate for regional reconciliation. She also continued to write books, and articles until she dies from
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