Abraham Lincoln's Presidency Analysis

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In retrospect Lincolns both executive orders, Emancipation Proclamation and suspension of habeas corpus had an influence on how the future presidents interpreted their role and powers in American politics. Milkis and Nelson strongly suggest that ...” Lincoln invested the national community with a sense of purpose, even sacredness, that transformed the relationship between power and liberty. His indictment of slavery spawned a new, more positive view of liberty, in which government has affirmative obligation to ensure equality under the law...” (Milkis and Nelson, p.177). As the historian, Richard Norton Smith rightly points out, Lincoln’s famous quote on the role of government became a favorite quote for three future presidents,…show more content…
His strong decisions, as the commander and chief, turned the executive branch into a powerful position, in certain aspect, supreme to the Courts and Congress. Abraham Lincoln, without a doubt, established a precedence for future White House leaders that justified, often unconstitutional actions, for the great good of public safety. He also gave the office of the presidency a new meaning in which stood as the guardian to act in crisis in order to preserve the Union and overall well being of the country. Abraham Lincoln helped to shape American politics for many decades after his tragic death .Most of the historian judge Lincoln, as one of the prominent presidency in the history of the United Sates. Most importantly because how he navigated and executed power during the crisis of the Civil War. Lincoln also establish one more important precedence which was the fact that the executive branch had the obligation and capacity to preserve protect and defend the United Sates Constitution. But you could hardly call, as some do, Lincoln a
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