Abraham Lincoln's Rhetoric During The Civil War

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Rhetoric is the art of public speaking so that it flows smoothly, lively and convincing. It expresses the expressive power expressed through the beauty of language, thereby attracting and persuading listeners. A talented leader needs to master the skills of public speaking, which sometimes helps the leader to cover up his or her other shortcomings. Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865) - The 16th president of the United States is one of the most famous leaders in rhetoric. Lincoln was often praised for his leadership in the American Civil War; Through statements to the people, he defined the issues of war and helped redefine the image of America itself. Anti-war critics criticized him for refusing to yield to slavery. On the contrary, the liberal Republicans,…show more content…
The speech was of great significance in the spiritual life of the United States. The speech was brief but exalted the highest responsibility of the survivors for the cause of the nation that many soldiers have fallen. It reaffirms the ideal of freedom and equality in the United States. The speech has power to reconstruct the country after the devastating civil war in the history of the US. It exemplifies the highest responsibility of all survivors for the cause of freedom of the nation because of how many soldiers have fallen. It reaffirms the ideal of freedom, equality that is engraved on the American Declaration of Independence, as immutable truths. And it affirms the responsibility of every citizen to protect and celebrate that ideal. Lincoln understood the intrinsic dynamics of war, the inevitable escalation of hatred, as Clausewitz says, where great aspirations can turn into wilderness. So he did not want to deepen the wound of the nation, but want to heal, bandage more. Lincoln does not discriminate between soldiers, either side or trenches, South or North, righteous or not, and so on. He wanted to speak the voice of the entire nation of the United States. This nation has shared the ideal of freedom and equality founded by founding fathers, and freedom and equality have become immutable principles for eternity. Whenever an American is
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