Abraham Lincoln's Role In The Civil War

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There have been many presidents who have done spectacular things that stick out in our minds and in our history forever. George Washington, our very first president under the new constitution, is the one that most frequently comes to mind with how he helped win the Revolution against Great Britain. Another who does is Thomas Jefferson who helped expand America and gain the territory we have today and who wrote our Declaration of Independence. However, the most influential out of all of them is Abraham Lincoln, the president that brought us out of the civil war and end slavery. Abraham Lincoln was a very strong president in the fact that he kept the government balanced and leveled out when it was reeling back and surviving the war.…show more content…
Lincoln fought for equal rights of slaves and fought to made slavery outlawed all together. He was able to accomplish this by passing the Emancipation Proclamation which fully abolished slavery for good. This however, only got rid of slavery but did not fully bring equal rights for African Americans. Lincoln passed the 14th and the 15th amendments to the constitution which finally brought equal rights to all citizens who were born in the United States regardless of race, skin color and religion and also made it illegal to deny anybody the right to vote regardless of those things. He brought America together in ways that nobody had before now, as he not only brought the white men together but also the African American citizens as well. This was his ultimate act of union which he is most notably known for. In conclusion, there have been many presidents who have accomplished something that have made them worthy of being put into a textbook. Some of them have brought America together as a nation in ways others couldn 't. However, the one president who was able to bring America together as a whole, unified nation regardless of race and skin color and achieve the title of most influential was Abraham
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