Abraham Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address Summary

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Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address Saturday, March 4 1865 Abe Lincoln gave one of the most famous inaugural speeches of all time. Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address was the speech in which Lincoln read as he was being sworn into his second term. He perfectly summed up his last term in a casual way and gave people closure about the losses and sacrifices made in the war. When Lincoln gave his second inaugural address, he presented it in a very solemn and serious way. As stated in the video, Abraham Lincoln’s Second Inaugural David Blight states: “This is not a speech where he is trying to make the American people feel good...” Which from my understanding sound like he is just giving a short recap of his last term and explaining his choices…show more content…
I think he was trying to give people closure about the war. I think his message was to tell people that you have to loose when you want to gain. Basically, Lincoln was trying to get the point across that you have to give some important things up if you want your country to progress as a nation. Lincoln’s speech is probably a contributing factor to the second industrial revolution. It inspired people to move on from the war and develop our country. His speech inspired people of all genders and races to forgive and forget. Unfortunately, Lincoln never actually got to see the full effects of his speech because he was assassinated a little over a month after giving this speech. Therefore, Lincolns Inaugural address was definitely affective in almost every way. Lincolns Second Inaugural address was just over 700 words long and only took 6 minutes to deliver. It is one of the shortest inaugural speeches ever. Nevertheless, it is one of the most famous inaugural addresses of all time and has some of the most memorable quotes and sayings from Abraham Lincoln. His speech will always be remembered and live on in our
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