Abraham Lincoln's Unexpected Suicide

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“It has been my observation that people are just about as happy as they make their minds up to be.” To me, this Quote said by Abraham Lincoln is one of the hardest hitting sayings I have ever heard. When I was a young child I was not very social. I was a short, round, and a vulnerable target to be picked on. I had very geeky glasses that didn 't help with my coordination, a military style haircut, and chubby cheeks that were redder than the sun. I lived out of town so I was not well versed in social interaction. After about a year of the torture, I decided to take a self-defense class that not only solved the problem, but made me the person that I am today.
I began kindergarten when I was five years old. That was when the harassment began. In
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I was taught to carry myself confidently. One day, I was done with all of the harassment. I saw him picking on another kid with a few other people. He was holding the boy against a wall during recess bullying him. The wall was made of brick. The boy being bullied seemed to look much smaller and weaker than the people in the group. I walked over to him and the other people torturing the boy, and I shoved him off of the kid. At this point my heart was pounding. He looked shocked that I was there. I told him, “You need to grow up and realize that this isn’t funny.” He tried to dodge the statement by insulting my with and incredibly overused insult. I kept pressing him. The other kids started to realize what he was actually doing to people. They had a look of regret on their faces. From that day on, they stopped supporting him and his behavior. The only reason that I was able to gather the courage and confidence to do that was because I joined the those classes. Even though the original reason that I was going to karate was over, I kept going. The only purpose that I had to keep going was because I enjoyed going there and learning. By continuing the classes, I was able to learn more than just self-defense and self confidence. I gained the ability to focus on specific tasks. I learned that by staying committed to something, and being persistent, I can better myself as a person. Ten and a
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