Abraham Maslow Case Study

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. Abraham Maslow (1954) suggested by his theory of need from a five level hierarchy that is psychological. Safety, belongingness and love, esteem and self-actualisation. Job satisfaction and dissatisfaction not only depends up on the job nature, it also be influenced by their expectations what the job supply to an employee. 2.3 Relationship between performance management and employee job satisfaction There are many types of research shows that the link between the job satisfaction and job performance. There is Hawthorne 's study proved that "Happy worker is the good worker". Muralikrishna and ch.Kameswari (2015), who has given the two basic system of performance evaluation which is evaluation system and feedback system. He proved by his study that 50 percent of employees agree there was a positive relationship job satisfaction and performance appraisal. Milica Jaksic and Milos Jaksic (2013), He stated that measuring and apprising of employees performance and communicating the feedback improve the employee satisfaction. He concluded his study that if the organization assure the higher degree of employee satisfaction will lead to better performance. The employees should be inspired and motivated not only by salary but also by training, health, social and other additional programmes, that will promote their interest, reliance, and commitment to the company. Dedicated, committed, loyal, fulfilled and satisfied employees will positively give best work output and contribute to
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