Abraham Varelas Case Study

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I am honored to have the opportunity to write this letter of recommendation on behalf of Abraham Varelas, a Public Health professional and activated member of many communities in Pima County. It is my pleasure to whole heartedly recommend Abraham for acceptance into the Family and Human Development Graduate Degree program at T. Denny Sanford School of Social and Family Dynamics at Arizona State. In my career and life, I have found it rare to encounter individuals that hold the acquisition of education and the provision of support and knowledge in equally high regard and desire. However, with Abraham it has always been evident that his aspiration and need to grow and learn professionally and personally is congruent with his passion to provide…show more content…
He has served individuals ages 11- end of life through the provision of best-practice and evidence-based programs, rapid testing, risk-reduction education, goal planning, and risk reduction counseling. He has an exceptional skill in balancing and thriving in diversity. Abraham has always proven himself innovative at service provision and engagement within the needs and cultural traditions of those he is serving and program, department, agency, and community partner policy and procedure. He is enthusiastic, spirited, creative, and solutions focused. He has a significant amount of experience in and is highly adept at achieving goals and objectives in fast paced, dynamic environments. His tenacity continues to shine on a daily basis as he works with and for the community and his team to provide the best support possible to the communities…show more content…
I am pleased that he is planning to enroll in graduate school starting this fall and discussions with his colleagues and peers have served to support my belief. He has discussed his desire to pursue a Master’s degree at length with me. I know he has given considerable thought to his path and program. I am without doubt that his talents, focus, and determination will help him successfully complete a master’s degree in a timely manner. He enrolled and completed his undergraduate degree while employed full time at SAAF. He is well-trained, ambitious, open-minded, and humble. He brings with him real world experience, that I believe will be of great support to himself and his peers throughout the duration of the program. In knowing what I know about the environment, methods, and services at Arizona State University, I believe this site and program are a perfect fit for Abraham, but also believe he will be successful wherever he ends up attending graduate school. He will be a committed student and a proficient
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