Abraham Woodhull Research Paper

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Tristan Lucas
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Culper, Samuel Culper

Abraham Woodhull was born in Setauket, Long Island, New York, in 1750. During the American Revolution, he became a member of the Culper Spy Ring, which provide George Washington with invaluable information that helped Washington make key battle moves. Woodhull’s normal life saw him as a farmer. Growing up in Setauket, Long Island you’d think that he lived the obtuse life of a normal farmer. However, Woodhull was a large risk taker. While, he mildly supported the American cause he never was so audacious to enter the war. Another reason why he didn’t join the war was because Woodhull was the only son of his parents, so if he died he couldn’t pass on his family name.

In the middle of 1778, Woodhull frequently travelled to the British occupied New York. He went there to go trade his farm produce with the British. Knowing that
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Tallmadge was the son of Rev. Benjamin Tallmadge and Susannah Smith. He spent most of his boyhood at Setauket and later went to college Yale and graduated in 1783. Tallmadge was a teacher in Connecticut, and later joined the U.S. and fought at the battles of Lexington and Bunker Hill. He was promoted as a Lieutenant in 1776 and engaged in the battle of Long Island.(2) Two months after the battle he was promoted to the 1st troop of the Second Dragoons, and shortly after became a Major. Tallmadge then started to organize a spy ring and only recruited people he could entirely trust. It can be concluded that when Tallmadge met with Woodhull, Tallmadge recruited Woodhull to join his organization of spies. Tallmadge knew that since Woodhull regularly visited New York to sell his produce he would be able to go into New York unsuspiciously.In the end however, Woodhull accepted the offer and joined Tallmadge's spy
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