Plague In The Bible

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Plague --The God’s Punishment
From the Genesis Chapter 6-9, we learn the Abrahamic “Great Flood” story. It tells about that the Lord destoryed the world by a flood for the evil of the men. Then in the Genesis Chapter 18-19, the Lord destoryed the city Sodom and Gomorrah because people’s sin there became grave. Similarly, in Exodus Chapter 5, it mentioned that the Lord would strike people with plague or with the sword if they did not respect him or sacrifice to him. Then in Exodus Chapter 9, it mentioned that the Lord would smite the people with pestilence again. They make me think of the great Ancient Roman Plague. I think the stories from the Bible may have influenced the people in this period too.
As I know, there
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As they thought it was the Christians who caused this disease. Christine A. Smith said, “The despair caused by the plague within the city led the people to be indifferent to the laws of men and gods, and many cast themselves into self-indulgence.” However, there were some miracles happening. As we can imagine, people during that time tended to believe that the gods can save their lives, if they didn’t, it meant that they believed the wrong gods. They began to doubt. Meanwhile, under persecution for a long time, to the Christian, the thought of tolerance and the spirit of love gradually increased which affected their behaviors. They did not care about the persecution, and spread their beliefs to them and gave them a lot of comfort and salvation, convincing more people became the Christians. They believed the plague was the God’s punishment and they would have a next better…show more content…
By the description about the background, on the one hand, from the responses of the Christians to the plague and the persecution, for the Christian themselves, the story in the Bible made them have the the thought of tolerance and the spirit of love. No matter how hard the persecution were, no matter how many people have died of them, they still believe the Lord, the only god in their mind. They had no fear. And for the other people, because of the plague, the Bible made them realize their evils, they got saved from the plague and became the Christians, which I think it was a good influence in people's moral development. It is also a great event in the development of
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