Abram Auguste: Law School Personal Statement

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Abram Auguste
Law School Personal Statement

I was awoken by the screech of tires, and the grisly thud and crunch of metal colliding. I have only experienced a few fender benders, but I woke to a different feeling. The time moved slow and sound amplified as the car flipped and went airborne over the guard rail lobbing thirty feet onto opposing traffic on the highway. As I lie distorted in the rear seat, a combination of blood and gasoline drenched my clothes and leaked down my flesh wounds. I have not yet realized that the impact has broken my right arm and leg. My brothers and friends crawled out the vehicle through tinkling of broken glass and a car upside down. Moments later commotion ensue and the drunk driver speeds off. Later would I find out that the accident was a hit and run.
I was rushed to the hospital and quickly sent to the operating room. A young doctor then informed me that that a metal rod
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At the age of ten struggles had become my reality and my parents did their best to shield us from its brutal force. My parents that were immigrants from Haiti barely spoke English and clerked the miniature market business that they started. However, after many attempts trying keeping the business afloat, they needed to close their store. Shortly after, we received a thirty day eviction notice, and my mother was pregnant with my youngest sister. We were already struggling financially with many bills. When I stared at my father’s eyes I saw a man who felt hopeless. It was the first time I saw him cry. All our burdens were placed on him. He did not find support through Cambridge Public Housing. I watched my father’s hopelessness turn to desperation. Although all odds were against him, he had to fight and developed an insatiable desire to not quit. The same fight that was instilled in me at an early
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