Abram Kaidan Research Paper

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Victor does not remember his biological parents; he was four years old when his parents and older sister were murdered by German troops along with thousand other Jewish people. The story of his tragic early childhood comes from archives and his aunt recollections, the same aunt who became his unofficial, devoted mother after the death of both sets of parents. Her simple stories, imprinted in his subconscious, became the life that he remembers. _____________________________********____________________________ Neither cold winter days, nor hot, steamy summers could stop Abram Kaidan’s determination to build his dream house. Several years of backbreaking labor were taking an enormous toll on him and his wife, Hanna. Now, with the birth of the second child, his family was having grim time in the tiny room they were renting. Victor’s father, Abram was born in 1902, in the quaint Ukrainian town of Kherson, in the Lower Dnieper River. He was fifteen years old when the Red Revolution, following by the bloody Civil War changed the lives and destiny for millions people. The new regime eradicated old customs and believes: most of the churches and synagogues were either destroyed or turned into the warehouses. The Communist Party leaders became God like figures in the proletariat society. The building of…show more content…
Clara, the quiet beautiful girl with brown eyes and black hair, was a pure joy. At eight years old, she was finishing first grade with excellent results, helping with house chores and making sure that little Chaim was not up to his mischiefs. The blue-eyed Chaim, with his unruly blond hair, was a handful of problems. He had little interest in toys; rather using his endless energy, he followed his father everywhere. His favorite place was the basement; chosen toys were father’s tools. Curious, smart boy could name all of them and was the happiest when the father asked him to hold the hammer or
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