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Dermabrasion is a cosmetic treatment that removes the superficial layers of skin, usually on the face, with a special tool. As the term suggests, the tool uses a rotating instrument that has an abrasive head. The head is called a burr or brush and actually damages the skin, causing a wound. As the new skin grows to replace the old, dead skin cells, it produces new collagen and keratin with the result of finer, smoother skin without superficial age spots or acne scars.

Depending on the treatment required, the abrasion can be more or less superficial. This is achieved by adjusting the speed of the rotating tool, the amount of pressure that is applied by our practitioner and how long the treatment is.

Most candidates have dermabrasion on their
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The area being treated is cleaned and marked. We may use a local anesthetic such as lidocaine to numb the treatment area and then apply ice packs for about 30 minutes. In some cases, a freezing spray called cryogenic is used to harden the skin. This is usually done for deeper abrasions if the ice packs are not enough to firm the skin. If the patient requires deep abrasions or if they want their entire fact to be treated, they may require painkillers or a stronger anesthesia such as sedation or general anesthesia.

Dermabrasion may cause slight bleeding as it removes the top layers of skin. After the procedure, the area treated is covered with an ointment and clean dressing. We usually do the treatment in our office on an outpatient basis.

The amount of recovery time needed depends on the depth and size of the abrasion. Deeper abrasions take longer to heal and a full-face abrasion takes longer than a small area, for example, around the mouth or eyes. The new skin usually grows in about five to eight days. The new skin may appear pink or red, and this fades in about six to 12 weeks. During that time, you can use makeup to achieve your normal skin tone.

It is very important to care properly for your skin during the healing time. Our specialist will explain the recovery care process. It may

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