Absence Of Religion In Fahrenheit 451

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What does the government do for society? Does society have to follow the rules the government place? Is letting the individuals believe in various religions looked down on by the govern officials? Does the government care for the well-beings of the society? Are the government‘s problems covered away from society? Do the government tell society very thing or just sugar code? Does the government tell society what they can and cannot believe in? Ray Bradbury displays a society that cannot read books or have any beliefs but only listen to what the government tells them in Fahrenheit 451. The absence of religion helps the government maintence control over the people by preventing them from having an identity, ambition, and purpose in their society.…show more content…
Yet without ambition, it will institute individuals not to put effect in achieve anything or better their future. In addition, people will become dependent, conformist, and lazy. For instance, Mildred had no ambition in doing anything because her only interest was watch TV and listen to Seashell radio. It made her feel safe by following the government than trying to go against it. Life is received to those that are willing to get, instead of others that wait for it to come to them. Faber‘s cowardice has him “sit comfortably home” trying to help Montage by using a radio transmission to “analyze the fireman’s world “(90) to “find its weakness” (90). Ambition leads other to aspects to success which rewards creativity, discipline, persistence and other factors to the people that follow…show more content…
Government realized “knowledge is power” (107) so put society in ignorance bliss by having people occupy their minds on other matters. Beatty told Montage to participate in more sports since the school is “’ turning out more runners, jumpers, racers, tinkers instead of examiners, critics, and knowers’” (58). Since knowledge is forbidden, the government has the firefighters maintained equality in the society to “keep the world happy” (107) by burning the knowledge. Plus, speeding was a way to avoid sadness and intense experiences in this society. By have the society see books as “a loaded gun” (58) it will cause them to know that “the word intellectual of course, became the swear word it deserved to be”(58) and show how books can greatly hurt the society as a
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