Absence Poem Analysis

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The fourteen line poem has a regular crossed alternating rhyme scheme as ABAB CDCD EFE GFG and the rhythm is iambic pentameter. The first two stanzas are quatrains with for lines each. The last two stanzas are Triplets consisting of three lines in each stanza. The language of the poem is simple but it uses thoughtful notions by using metaphors to create an extended metaphor from the first stanza to the last depicting the story of Adam and Eve’s expulsion from the Eden Garden. Visual images are used in the poem to depict how the garden looked sad and wild with the exit of the gardener. Stanza 4th employs olfactory image: “Mocked by the smell of mown lawn”
The loss of love in “Absence”
“Absence” is a fifteen line lyrical poem which reflects the feelings and views of its anonymous persona. She talks about loss in a different way. The speaker visits a place where the last meeting took place between him and the beloved .She sets her poem on a normal day when anything might not be expected to go wrong .According to the speaker the place looked exactly the same as the last meeting “ Nothing was changed gardens were well tented,/ The fountains sprayed their usual steady jet;” the whole physical structure reflected no signs of changes .Yet there is nothing that leads the speaker to forget that there is nothing that shares her grief, agony and longing. “There was no sign that anything had ended/ And nothing to instruct me to forget.” Even the birds are singing cheerfully but the
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