Absent Parents Are Unjust To Their Children

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Absent Parents
Why do people decide to have children, but don’t want to take care of them when the kids get here? Children shouldn’t grow up without both of their parents. They need both parents so they can focus in life. These children may suffer in life because of not having their mom or dad in their life. According to Raiford, “children may develop behavioral problems if there is an absent parent in the home”. Children may develop behavioral problems because their parent(s) may not be hard enough on them. Children that are raised by the mother may develop more behavioral problems, because some mothers are not as hard like a dad can be. People may argue that the majority of absent parents are fathers because a mother wouldn’t leave her child, but absent parents; both mother and father are unjust to their children.
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It could be vice versa because some moms work a lot too. They have to make money to take care of the family. Martin states, “there is 40% of children that go to sleep without their fathers in the home.” A child hates to go to sleep without their dad in the home. This can cause bad problems between the dad and the child because they might not show it but in the inside it’s just killing them. It could also cause problems with the mother and father. It could get out of hand and the mom and dad won’t be on talking terms anymore. This may result in the father not being able to see his

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