Absenteeism Case Study

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92SUMMER PROJECT REPORT SUBMITTED TOWARDS THE PARTIAL FULFILLMENT OF UNDER GRADUATE DEGREE IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION SUBMITTED TO ADITI BATHEJA SUBMITTED BY ARJUN BHALLA BBA+MBA (DUAL) A3923014057 AMITY SCHOOL OF BUSINESS, NOIDAAMITY UNIVERSITY – UTTAR PRADESH RESEARCH METHODLOGY RESEARCH METHODLOGY Theoretical background of the topic: Absenteeism has been variously defined by the Authorities from time to time. Thus the term Absenteeism refers to the workers absence from his regular task, when he is scheduled to work. Any employees stay away from work if he has taken leave to which he is entitled or on the grounds of sickness or some accident without any previous sanction of leave.…show more content…
There is a clear relationship between employee’s attitude & absenteeism. They are related to each other. So employee’s attitude & morale are the important factors Study of Absenteeism among employees is not only from view point of but it is important from the view point of moral of employees. Even though the effect of the good morale of employees, may not be calculated in terms of costs, but it should be said that, it is important than

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