Student Attendance System Essay

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Context of the Proposed Study:
During the the teaching-learning dynamics, many factors are play part for creating a quality education, whereas the quality of education is reliant on the students’ motivation and their sense of participation in the learning process. Educational institutions are not known by their high quality buildings or infrastructure, rather they are totally dependent on existence of students there and in fact, the educational institutions are biological systems influenced by variables like students’ attendance, learner-faculty relationship, classroom climate and institution’s overall atmosphere. The endeavor of teaching-learning process is to bring a positive behavioral change in the students and, the tool used to bring this
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Though, universities students being adults learn with their own choice but, the physical attendance of students has legal implications both for the universities and Students. Educational institutions, particularly universities take students’ attendance as their legal lawful binding though, different institutions or universities consider attendance different manner Commitment of students to the cause of education is directly proportional to their behaviour of regularity to class attendance in schools and colleges whereas Professional education like medicine explicitly necessitates a very high valued regularity of attending teaching classes. Trice(2000). et all said that he intension and target of medical education is to prepare future clinicians equipped with required knowledge, skill and attitude who are useful for sick and the…show more content…
It is strongly evident that absenteeism is very well linked with the factors like deficient interest in the subject material, defective teaching methods, non-supportive classroom climate, unnecessary non academic socialization between students, health issues, poor time management leading to sleeplessness, and poor student teacher harmony [Obeng-Denteh W, Yeboah EA, Sam C, Monkah JE: (2011 Moore R: (2006)) Bati AH, Mandiracioglu A, Orgun F, Govsa F: (2013)]. Availability of power point lecture files and online teaching material are the additional factors responsible for promoting absenteeism.[ Massingham P, Herrington T (2006, Cook DA: (2005) , Ruiz JG, Mintzer MJ, Lepizig RM: (2006) Davis EA, Hodqson Y, Macaulay JO: (2012) Fernandes L, Maley M, Cruickshank C:
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