Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely Essay

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Absolute power tends to corrupt absolutely. Absolute power corrupts absolutely in many ways. Firstly, having too much power could change your actions in many ways. Secondly, having a lot of power could also change your thoughts or ways of thinking.Thirdly, it can also get out of hand or out of control if you have too much power. Some people,with too much power, use it to do bad things. On the other hand, others use it to do good.Absolute power corrupts absolutely. One way that absolute power corrupts absolutely is if someone has a lot of power and it can change their actions.For example, when Hitler rose to power he had so much power he almost wiped out a whole population of Jewish people.He could have used his power for something good but, he instead used his power to kill people.If someone has too much power they might use it to hurt people.Another example is in The Wave when the wave members started to hurt people who didn 't join.Like when David pushed Laurie to the ground because they were arguing about the Wave.The people in the wave also hurt a kid and he was Jewish.Just like Hitler killed Jews the members that were part…show more content…
In conclusion,absolute power does corrupt absolutely.This happens when someone has a lot of power.It can change your action is many ways.For example, Hitler killed a lot of Jewish people in death camps.It can also change your way of thinking about things.For example,the students that were in The Wave thought it was ok to hurt the kids who did not join.Additionally, it can also get out of hand.Another example,is The Wave because it started as a small class in it,into a lot of people in it.It got out of hand because they took it to far by hurting people.Others don’t agree the absolute power corrupts absolutely.They might say absolute power doesn 't corrupt absolutely because people with power use it for good.Not all people use power for good, but absolute power does corrupt absolutely.These are reasons why absolute power corrupts

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