Absolute Stupidity Rhetorical Analysis

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What makes an advertisement stand out the most? There are many ways that advertisements can catch the audience’s attention. To create the most effective advertisement, the author or company may use an emotional appeal in the image, use a credible source to gain the audience’s trust and create a more believable ad, or by simply creating an advertisement that uses logic and makes sense. The advertisement that has been chosen, is focused on the popular issue of drinking and driving. “Absolute Stupidity” is written in bold words across the bottom of the image, mocking the alcoholic beverage Absolut Vodka. Two vehicles are shown in the road after a horrible car accident has occurred, there is an outline of an alcohol bottle nearby. The image implies that one of the drivers was drinking while driving, which resulted in the car accident. Someone has also lost their life due to this careless act. The advertisement shows in a horrifying way that is not smart to drink and drive – there are consequences. The ad “Absolute Stupidity” uses all three of the ethical appeals (ethos, logos, and pathos) that make an advertisement effective.
Using pathos is what makes
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Logic and reasoning are used to persuade the audience not to drink and drive instead of using hard facts and statistics to make their point. The ad is presented in an artistic way that catches the eye of the audience. The point that the advertisement is making is explained through the image and is understood clearly. Also, the image given appeals to the viewers and the context is explained well. Actually seeing that someone has lost their life due to drinking and driving, is more effective than hearing about it. The ad also does a word play on Absolut Vodka by changing it to Absolute Stupidity. It points out in a clever way, that driving while under the influence is stupid and common sense not to do
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