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Absolute zero
The purpose of this laboratory was to apply the ideal gas law and temperature and pressure measurements to extrapolate absolute zero value on a Celsius scale. This was done by recording Pressure and temperature measurement values for different n values. In addition, linear fit graphs of pressure versus temperature were plotted for the different n values. The absolute temperature value was then determined from the equation of the linear fit.
The equipment used for this lab were: Vernier caliper, Rigid sphere, thermistor sensor, absolute pressure sensor, 4 buckets, water and ice.
An ideal gas refers to a gas where random collisions is the only source
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The stereo plug was connected from the sphere to the temperature sensor The hose fitting was then connected to the pressure sensor. The data studio setup button was used to add digital displays for temperature and pressure. A graph of pressure vs. temperature was also added. Three water baths of cold, warm and room temperature water were prepared using the buckets. The sphere was completely submerged in the ice water bath and the data taken with the sensors. Each data point was saved when the temperature stabilized. Data point for room temperature was taken. Some cold water was added to the room temperature bath and another data point taken. The data point for the hot water bath was also taken and the data taking stopped. From the four data points taken for pressure and temperature, a linear curve fit was plotted and the linear equation recorded. The hose was removed and the sphere placed in the room temperature bath to change the n value. For temperature and pressure measurements were then taken for the new n. The procedures were repeated to obtain for different values of pressure and temperature for four different n…show more content…
The absolute temperature for the first, second and third n values were; -270.30c, -261.450c and -193.870c respectively. The percentage errors for the three n values were; 0.2%, 4.23% and 28.98%. The accepted absolute temperature value is -2730c. There was a large discrepancy between the absolute temperature experimental value and the accepted value for the third n value. This may be due to some possible sources of errors in the experiment. One of the possible source of error is that, some of the air may had escaped out of the sphere hence changing the n value. Also, the temperature and pressure measurement devices may have had some uncertainties, thus leading to the erroneous

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