Analysis Of Absolutely True Diary Of A Part Time Indian By Sherman Alexie

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The novel Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian, By Sherman Alexie it show how Indians or African Americans struggle with who they are and who they want to be. Arnold learns how to live through and with his struggles because of how his friends accepted and helped him. In this book Alexie shows how all of Arnold’s friends helped him through different aspects in life. If he didn’t have those friends than his life would have been so much harder. When Arnold was going to school at Wellpinit Roger was the one that Arnold counted on to help him the most for protection and motivation; showing the importance of friendship. For instance when Arnold’s dog dies Rowdy was the one who distracted Arnold by him do something to get his mind off…show more content…
Dodge was giving him a hard time, even if Gordy doesn’t think he was. And that made Arnold feel accepted because he had made a friend at a rich white school. “Arnold told Mr. Dodge that petrified wood isn't wood its rock that replaced the wood but stayed in the same shape as the wood. “Okay Arnold,”Dodge said. “Where did you learn this fact? On the reservation? Yes, we all know there's so much amazing science on the reservation.” All the kids snickers and pointed their fingers at Arnold. Except for one. Gordy, the class genius. He raised his hand. Mr. Dodge called on Gordy, then gordy said “Actually Arnolds right about the petrified wood. That’s what happens.” Dodge went pale. Yep. from bright red to snow white in two seconds. If Gordy said it was true then it was true. And even Dodge knew that.”(84,85,86) Then after Arnold talked to Gordy and they became friends they went to the library and talked about books. “Listen,” Gordy said one afternoon at the library. “You have to read a book three times before you know it. The first time is for the story. The plot. The movement from scene to scene that gives the book its momentum, its rhythm. The second time you read a book, you read it for its history. You think about the meaning of each word, and where the word came from.”(94,95) Then Gordy talks about how reading a book or thinking about books should give you a metaphorical boner. “You should read and draw because really good books and cartoons should give you a boner. Well a metaphorical
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