Absolutely True Diary Of A Part Time Indian Essay

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Life has no meaning without hope. If possible, one will escape to a place that will enable them obtain it. Facing life’s obstacles is not always easy when you have nothing to hold on and have no way to protect yourself. Some will defend themselves by escape their reality or by hiding their pain behind a big wall that is hard to overcome. In the book by Sherman Alexie entitled The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian we can observe the different characters’ struggles to deal with challenges that life has given them. In order to face life’s harsh realities individuals will build a facade.

At first, the protagonist’s best friend, Rowdy, appears to be a very strong and solid character. He is short-tempered and will always blame Arnold
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Like Rowdy he will try to look resilient especially in front of his family, which is absolutely normal. However, he doesn’t do it by being agressive. He will do it calmly and in a manner where his kids will think he is the strongest person there is. Thus, he will try to hold back his tears (p. 207). In the case where the pain is to big, he will block people away when drinking and escaping. Father’s are supposed to be strong, invicible and saviors. At moments of weakness Junior’s dad has no other tool but to disappear. It is hard to live a life when you know there is no other outcome for you but this. When you know there is barely nothing you can offer to your children. When you live but you have lost all hope of achieving something. Drinking and escaping will kill his pain by making him forget about all the listed points above (p. 107). It is hard when you have nothing to give your child for Christmas, sometimes too hard to manage. As a result to this situation, he ran away for about a week (p. 180). No father could survive having to look into their children’s eyes being in the same situation Junior’s father is, without building a wall regardless of what type of wall it
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